In This Moment 4.23 - 33

In This Moment on the Half God Half Devil Tour

With a recent stop at the Palladium in Worcester, MA, In This Moment is quickly nearing the end of the “Half God Half Devil Tour” throughout North America. To match their theatrical show style and stage presence, the bill included support from Motionless In White, Avatar, and Gemini Syndrome.

In This Moment brought their classic stage platform along for this tour. Though its size caused the openers to be confined to the front-most section of the stage, it did not minimize the energy of their sets. As the last note of Motionless in White’s set faded from the room, a curtain sprung from the floor and rose to the ceiling to obscure the audience’s view of the stage. From the pit, you could see outlines of bodies moving about to prep the stage for ITM’s arrival. Multiple outbursts of cheers arose amidst the intermission as the crowd’s anticipation continued to grow until the first note to “Blood” rang through the venue and the curtain dropped.

From “Blood” to “Adrenalize” to an encore that ended with “Whore,” In This Moment captivated the audience. A thick layer of smoke encapsulated the stage for the duration of the set. It did well for setting the mood for the first song as members appeared one by one from the depths of the stage. After the show, a friend seated in the upper level of the venue mentioned that it was difficult to see from up there, which makes me wonder if the continual haze was intentional or if due to a miscalculation on the ventilation of the venue.

Regardless, as has been true for all of the times I have had the privilege of seeing In This Moment perform, the band and stage crew put together a phenomenal production. This tour brings newly crafted theatrical elements to their set of classic ones, giving the audience something new with each song. If you haven’t been able to make it out to one of the stops on the “Half God Half Devil Tour,” you’re in for some good news as In This Moment announced that additional dates have been added to their list of shows this year.

Photographed and reviewed for PureGrainAudio